Blue Diamond Growers Stands behind Trans-Pacific Partnership

November 11th, 2015

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA (November 10, 2015) –Blue Diamond Growers announces support for the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, an important achievement for not only the almond industry, but for agriculture as a whole. The TPP will eliminate tariffs on a vast majority of U.S. agricultural products and all agricultural export subsidies, resulting in better foreign market access and an increase in rural economic activity. The Asian-Pacific region accounts for almost 40 percent of the global GDP, and holds the world’s largest agricultural and food market. The creation of the TPP emphasizes the significant opportunities within this region and will allow for future success for the almond industry and Blue Diamond Growers.

“On behalf of our 3,000 Blue Diamond growers, I congratulate U.S. negotiators for their resolve in putting together a deal that effectively supports and strengthens the almond industry for the future. This agreement will help level the playing field by securing competitive market access for almonds. It will also mitigate the trend of bi-lateral trade agreements between countries leaving the U.S. at a disadvantage. This trade agreement will help secure jobs and the economy in California, as well as the Country, despite the challenges of a 4-year drought. Most importantly, it will allow Blue Diamond to fulfill its mission of delivering the benefits of almonds to the world,” says Mark Jansen, CEO, Blue Diamond Growers

The cooperative extends a sincere thank you to the United States negotiators whose hard work and dedication provided successful results. Blue Diamond Growers believes the TPP is necessary to ensure the almond and agricultural industries continue to thrive domestically and internationally, and therefore encourages the approval of the agreement as soon as possible.

Blue Diamond Growers, a grower-owned cooperative representing over 3,000 of California’s almond growers, is the world’s largest almond marketer and processor. Established in 1910, it created the California almond industry and opened world markets for almonds. Blue Diamond is dedicated to delivering the benefits of almonds around the world and does so by providing high-quality almonds, almond ingredients and branded products. Headquartered in Sacramento, the company employs more than 1,500 people throughout its processing plants, receiving stations and gift shops. To learn more about Blue Diamond Growers, visit and follow the company on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.